5 Types of Watch Bands for Samsung Gear S3

One of my favorite features of the Samsung Gear watch is the fact that I can easily change out one watch band for another. The key word here is “easily”. Once you understand how to change them out, you will find yourself on Amazon.com buying watch bands to match your wardrobe at relatively inexpensive prices.

When you get your new Samsung Gear watch, you will find that it comes with a large watch band and a small watch band to accommodate most wrists. As a side note, the “extra” band only refers to the part that has holes in the band itself. There is no need to poke holes in your new high-quality genuine leather watch band to get it to fit your wrist. That was a nice touch on Samsung’s part.

The Availability Of Watch Bands

I love the variety of bands available for the Samsung Gear watch, and I’m not just talking about colors. I’m talking about the type of bands that are made for the Gear Watch series. There are different types of bands that you will want to wear for different everyday uses. For example, you probably do not want to wear a stainless steel metal clasp band while running, as it will ride loosely and clang on your wrist with each stride. Instead, you may want to use a Silicone band or a Nylon Strap. Likewise, you may wish to wear a stainless steel metal band instead of a nylon velcro strap when attending a business meeting.

There are five classes of watch bands that you can choose to wear: genuine leather bands, stainless steel clasp bands, magnetic loop straps, silicone bands, and nylon straps. The flexibility and freedom available to you is incredible. You can choose a band fit just for you and designed for any occasion. Below are descriptions of the 5 classes of watch bands that you can wear on your new Samsung Gear S3.

Genuine Leather Watch Band

Samsung Gear S3 Leather Watch Band

Leather watch bands have been around since the early 1900’s, and are a mainstay even to this day. They look classy and professional and can be worn just about anywhere. They especially look good when dressed up for special occasions, such as a date, a wedding, or a business meeting. However, you must ensure that the band is cared for in order to preserve that fresh look.

One of the reasons that I do not like wearing leather watch bands every day is because of how they can deteriorate. With time, they absorb sweat which will stain the band and they will subsequently begin to smell. Now, there is a simple homemade remedy to remove both the odor and sweat stains from the underside of the watchband. Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda (Arm & Hammer works fine) with 1 tablespoon of water into a paste and rub it into the bottom side of the band itself. Then, wipe the excess away and let it dry. Personally, given how inexpensive leather bands are, I would rather just replace the band. When I do this, it feels like I got a new watch all over again.

Silicone Watch Band

Samsung Gear S3 Silicone Watch Band

The Silicone watch band is widely used with athletes but is certainly not limited to this demographic. The silicone band does not scratch and is somewhat flexible. It is waterproof and it is available in countless colors to match whatever you may be wearing at the time.

One advantage of silicone bands is that they are comfortable and do not suffer from water damage (or produce an odor), as leather bands do after extended use. The silicone band does not naturally age with time, like a leather band will. Instead of deteriorating from natural wear, they can deteriorate from more obvious damages. Particularly, they can suffer from cuts. However, like most other Samsung Gear bands, they are easily replaceable as they too, are very inexpensive.

Nylon Strap / Nylon Velcro Strap


Before you write them off, they do have one advantage over all of the other watch bands. They come in numerous colors and designs, making it very affordable should you decide to collect one watch band for each outfit that you may own. For example, you could buy one watch band for each dress shirt (or blouse) that you own, or one for each tie (or pair of shoes) that you own so that they all can match. Given the countless colors and designs available, when it comes to “colorful expression,” the nylon strap is the way to go.

Albeit functional, the nylon Velcro strap is my least favorite watch band. I am not a fan of Velcro in the least (unless you are an astronaut), because Velcro is a magnet to lint, hair, and everything else around it. However, the nylon Velcro strap does have its place here on earth when it comes to being around water.

The Samsung Gear S3 watch is rated IP68, which means that it is protected from dust and sand. It is “waterproof” (officially resistant to water) for up to 5 feet deep for approximately 30 minutes. This means that if you are at the beach and you have to run into the water to save your child, you will not have to take your watch off first. On the other hand, make it a point to take your watch off before going in the water for a pleasurable swim. In either case, the nylon Velcro strap is well-built for water and can handle either situation with ease without compromising functionality.

Magnetic Loop Strap


The Magnetic Loop Strap is one of my favorite types of watch bands. I love that you can adjust the band to any size in an instant. Its design allows you to slide the magnet up or down for an exact fit. It does not matter if you have large or small wrists, this band will fit any wrist easily. Additionally, it will not loosen until you purposefully move the magnet. It stays exactly where you place it, all day long. It stays in place all night long while sleeping too! It never comes off unless you intentionally remove it from your wrist.

Of course, you can apply the same cleaning care as described below (in “Maintaining Your Metal Watch Band”) to this watch band as well. It should be noted that the tip of the band (opposite side of the magnet itself) will scuff with everyday normal use, which is to be expected. Even so, the functionality and ease of use that this watch band offers far outweigh the small cosmetic issues that will appear with normal use.

Stainless Steel Metal Clasp

Gear S3 Stainless Steel Metal Clasp

It looks great and makes you feel like a million dollars when coupled with a really good watch face. I have pretty average-sized wrists, and without adding or removing links, this watch band fits just right. It is not too loose and not too tight. One thing that I like about this type of band over a leather band is that without effort, you can easily grab the watch face itself with your other hand and angle it for easy viewing, instead of having to lift your elbow to see your wrist. Admittedly, the silver stainless steel metal clasp band looks better on the Classic than on the Frontier; in contrast, the black stainless-steel metal clasp band looks better on the Frontier than on the Classic.

Maintaining Your Metal Watch Band

Maintaining this watch band could not be easier. You will need to purchase some standard jewelry cleaners. Simply dip your band in and leave it there for 10-15 seconds, using the little brush that it comes with to clean the band. Just be sure not to leave it in for more than 30 seconds, and rinse it off after you have brushed it clean.
If you do not have jewelry cleaner handy, you can always let it soak in rubbing alcohol for 30 seconds. One advantage to using Rubbing alcohol as a cleaning solution is that you can simply let it air dry after pulling it out. Just attach the band to the watch and wear it.

Another option is to use “Mr. Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaner” (the green solution), with water. If you do use Mr. Clean, be sure to use 1 part of Mr. Clean to 3 parts water, and then heat this mix in the microwave to the same temperature as a cup of hot tea. DO NOT microwave Mr. Clean with the watch band! Only microwave the solution to make it hot so that you can place the stainless-steel metal clasp band in the solution after taking it out of the microwave. You can let this soak for several minutes and then gently brush it clean with a soft-brush toothbrush.


I find it very encouraging that we have a wide spectrum of available watch band options to choose from for the Samsung Gear watch series. You get to determine the type of band that works for you and select the color that meets your needs. They are inexpensive and readily available. In the comments below, let me know what band you like and why you like it. We all love to glean information on the experiences of others.

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