Galaxy Watch Active 2 vs Galaxy Watch [Which Once Should I buy!]

If you have been looking into purchasing a Galaxy Watch or a Galaxy Watch Active 2, you’ve probably noticed that Samsung didn’t fall short of achieving a high dazzle factor in both, making the choice quite challenging.

The good news is, while both models have some common features, others cater to different tastes and needs. So what is the same and what caters to different preferences? Let’s take a look!

Talk to Me About the Specs!

SpecsGalaxy WatchGalaxy Watch Active 2
Size options42 and 46 mm40 and 44 mm
Screen1.2-inch/1.3-inch 360 x 360 AMOLED1.2-inch/1.3-inch 360 x 360 AMOLED
Band sizes20mm (42mm)/22mm (46mm), interchangeable20mm interchangeable
Battery4 days or more on a single charge*Up to 4 days on a single charge*
CompatibilityiOS 9.0+ and Android 5.0+
LTE/4GYesYes (Stainless Steel only)
Built-in GPSYesYes
Waterproofing5ATM (up to 50 metres depth)
SensorsHRM, barometer, gyroscope, accelerometer, ambient light sensorHRM, electrocardiogram (ECG), barometer, gyroscope, accelerometer, ambient light sensor

Let’s Talk Features!

As with any smart device, the numerous features can get confusing. Here we will tackle the most notable features that can help you make your decision.


Several factors in this category may greatly influence your choice, and in the end, it’s all a matter of preference.

Size and Weight

Now, this is a big point of comparison. While the Galaxy Watch comes in 42mm and 46mm options, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is either 40mm or 44mm.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2’s weight depends on a couple of factors: its size and material. In stainless steel, the watch weighs 42g and 27g for the 44mm and 40mm sizes, respectively. In case you prefer aluminum, it will weigh 30g if it’s 44mm and 26g if it’s 40mm. The Galaxy Watch weighs 63g in the 46mm model and 49g in the 42mm one.

So if you are a fan of bulkier accessories, the Galaxy Watch is the obvious choice. If you frequently exercise, the Galaxy Watch Active 2’s lightweight makes it a better option, and generally speaking, it will probably provide a more comfortable fit.


The range of colors provided in both watches for the body itself and the interchangeable straps sure makes them trendy accessories that never get boring.

The Galaxy Watch comes in midnight black, silver, and rose gold, while the Galaxy Watch Active 2 comes in silver, black, or gold in the case of the stainless steel model. For the aluminum model, the colors available are aqua black, cloud silver, pink gold for both the 44mm and 40mm models, and an extra rose gold option in the case of the 40mm model.


Both screens provide a superior quality display with a super AMOLED screen and 360 x 360-pixel resolution. They both also employ Gorilla Glass that guarantees maximum protection. As to the size in inches:

Galaxy WatchGalaxy Watch Active 2

Rotating Bezel

This allows you to quickly and easily rotate your way through the smartwatch interface! While both watches are equipped with it, each employs a different mechanism.

The Galaxy Watch has a physical bezel, a separate module on the screen’s outer edge, while the Galaxy Watch Active 2 employs a touch-sensitive bezel. So what is your preference?

Fitness Features

While both watches can cater to fitness enthusiasts, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 definitely has the winning edge!

The Galaxy Watch has 21 modes for outdoor exercise and the gym, while the Galaxy Watch Active 2 offers you 39 of those, with 7 of them (e.g., walking, cycling, and swimming) tracked automatically.

Both watches also provide round-the-clock stress tracking and sleep tracking and reports. Speaking as a health freak myself, these features sound very interesting to me, along with the guided-meditation feature.

While both devices measure heart rate, the Active 2 model happens to be way more accurate, and it also provides electrocardiogram (ECG) readings, blood pressure monitoring, and VO2 Max.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 also has a “Running Coach” feature that keeps track of your running pace in real-time and a “Fall Detection” feature that can detect a potential fall during activity and send an SOS notification to pre-assigned contacts.

The right choice in the domain seems to jump right at our faces, doesn’t it?

Lifestyle Features

Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, or Uber? You can access a wide variety of apps from your smartwatch. You can also use Samsung Pay on both watches.

Moreover, you receive notifications for calls, texts, emails, and notifications from third-party apps on your watch. You can even control them through the companion app. Samsung’s voice assistant, Bixby, is also available on both watches, although it hasn’t reached a high level of sophistication yet.

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Battery Life

We all know that the battery life of any man-made device largely depends on how much it is used. That factor aside, it goes without saying that you need to consider the battery size in order to make an educated choice that matches your needs.

The 46mm model of the Galaxy Watch features a monster of a 472 mAh battery, while the 42mm model has a 270 mAh battery. On the other side, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 features a 340 mAh or 247 mAh battery for the 44mm and 40mm models, respectively.

Both can be charged wirelessly and have shown a remarkable ability to stay for days on a single-day charge; yet again, what is your typical usage like?

Phone Compatibility and LTE Connectivity

Both watches are compatible with iOS 9.0+ and Android 5.0+, so you don’t have to worry about the type of phone you have before deciding on a model.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are available on both devices. LTE connectivity, which allows you to receive texts and calls even if you’re away from or not connected to your phone, is optional in the Galaxy Watch and the stainless steel version of the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

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What Comes in The Box?

The extra items that come with your purchase may be an essential factor in your decision; after all, it would be nice not to pay for more items after the initial purchase is made.

Galaxy Watch: Galaxy Watch, Charging Dock, Travel Adapter, Extra Strap, QSG (Quick Setting Guide).

Galaxy Watch Active 2: Galaxy Watch Active 2, Wireless Charger, QSG (Quick Start Guide).

Our Take

When you are choosing between the Galaxy Watch and the Galaxy Watch Active 2, you need to know that whichever model your choice falls on, you’ll be making a good investment. The thing is, each one caters to a different audience.

If health and fitness are a pivotal aspect of your life or you happen to exercise regularly, then the Galaxy Watch Active 2 would be ideal for you for its lightweight and all the sophisticated health and fitness features it provides. This also goes if you prefer sleeker, smaller designs, and usually a more comfortable fit.

While the Galaxy Watch also provides some fitness features, it’s just not its primary focus. It’s the obvious choice If you are more for a traditional smartwatch experience done in style.

We would suggest the same if you are into bulkier designs or if your priorities are to mainly have notification support, LTE connectivity, GPS, Samsung Pay, music storage, or longer battery life.