Garmin 645 vs 245: Which Should You Pick?

Comparing the Garmin 645 and the 245 isn’t easy, especially because these two models are from the same line, so there’s A LOT in common. However, what will strike you first is the price difference, and this is when you’ll start wondering why they’re not within the same price range and which one should you get.

Although you can’t go wrong with either watch, the difference between the two watches can make one of them more of a catch than the other. Also, although the Garmin 645 is more expensive than the 245, it’s not expensive in comparison to other high-end fitness trackers, so it’s still an excellent bargain for many athletes. So, without any further ado, let’s jump right in!

Garmin 645 vs. 245: Short Answer

If you’re on a tight budget, the Garmin 245 will be more suitable. There’s a lot in common between the two models, particularly when it comes to tracking features. With that in mind, the Garmin 645 offers more accurate data and a variety of tracking modes that you won’t get with the former model.

Specs Comparison

SpecsGarmin 645Garmin 245
Dimensions42.5 x 42.5 x 13.5mm42.3 x 42.3 x 12.2mm
Display Size1.2 inches1.2 inches
Resolution240 x 240 pixels300 x 300
Internal Memory3.5GB4 GB
Battery Life5-14 hours (up to 7 days in Smartwatch mode)6-24 hours(up to 7 days in Smartwatch mode)
Bluetooth Version4.24.0
Barometric AltimeterSupportedNot Supported
Garmin PaySupportedNot Supported


Although these two look pretty similar at first glance, the Garmin 645 looks more like a smartwatch owing to the metal bezel. As a result, it wouldn’t be too odd to keep it on your wrist even if you’re going on a special occasion. Otherwise, there’s no significant difference between the watches in terms of the design.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that neither watches feature a touchscreen. Although it’s quite a disappointment for some users who find it more practical to use touchscreens, the way we see it, this is way better for using the watch while wearing gloves. It also comes in handy whenever you need to use the watch while it’s raining.

Winner: Garmin 645

Fitness Tracking

We can’t talk about fitness tracking without mentioning the barometric altimeter supported by the Garmin 645.

Most trackers depend on GPS to measure the distance covered while training. While this is great for road runners, it’s a deal-breaker for trail runners or hikers who prefer accurate elevation stats. For such athletes, the Garmin 645 is worth the extra cash.

The Garmin 245, on the other hand, features fewer tracking profiles, including running, biking, swimming, and cardio.

Although you won’t get a barometric altimeter, there’s a cool feature that’s not supported by other, more expensive, watches; Body Battery.

Body Battery relies on certain measurements like heart rate, oxygen saturation, stress level, and more parameters that are useful in determining how energetic and productive you are. If you’re not performing well, the watch notifies you that you’re “unproductive” today.

Weird enough, testing the features proves excellent accuracy, and as annoying as it is to be told that you’re not productive, it’s so satisfying to be told that you’re productive, so this feature keeps you on the move.

Winner: Garmin 645

Battery life

Like most smartwatches and fitness trackers, the battery life is significantly affected by what you use the wearable for and the mode you have it running in most of the time.

As expected, though, the Garmin 245 has a longer battery life than the 645 because the latter supports more features, so it drains the battery faster.

While both watches offer seven days of usage in Smartwatch mode, the Garmin 245’s battery lasts for 24 hours on just GPS and 6 hours on GPS and music. The Garmin 645’s battery, however, can only offer 14 hours on GPS and 5 hours on GPS and music.

Winner: Garmin 645


Both watches support different music apps, including Spotify, Deezer, and Amazon Music. You can also download your favorite songs on the watch and control your playlist through the watch when it’s connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that not all models support music, so if you’re an audiophile, make sure to steer away from non-music versions.

Winner: Draw

Garmin Pay

Garmin Pay is a feature that allows you to make payments using the watch without having your credit card on you. Unfortunately, it’s only supported by the Garmin 245 model. Nonetheless, not all banks or countries support contactless payments, so contact your bank before making a decision based on this feature.

Winner: Garmin 645

Other Features

It’s worth mentioning that regardless of the model you pick, you can do a lot with it, from basic fitness stats like measuring heart rate, blood pressure, sleep stages, steps, and even menstrual tracking, to fancier stats like oxygen saturation level and safety LiveTrack so that your friends and families can always find you.

Other standard smartwatch features can be quite handy with daily use, including getting notifications from your phone, accessing the weather app, and using the calendar to plan your activities. Moreover, you can use Smart Lock to lock your phone whenever it’s away from your hands, but still within range, of course.

Winner: Draw

Garmin 645 – Pros & Cons

Stylish Design
Features a barometric altimeter
Multiple tracking profiles
Can connect to different music apps
Supports Garmin Pay
Short battery life
More expensive

Garmin 245 – Pros & Cons

Supports all basic fitness tracking profiles
Features Body Battery to determine energy levels
Long battery life
Can connect to various music applications
Supports smart lock
Can’t be used for making contactless payments
Not reliable for measuring elevation stats

Garmin 645 vs. 245: Which Should you Choose?

At this point, it’s crystal clear that the difference between the Garmin 645 and the Garmin 245 isn’t worth the extra cash unless you’re into highly accurate measurement and you prefer having Garmin Pay.

However, we believe it doesn’t make much of a difference for most users, particularly that you won’t be missing out on a lot, and you’ll get a longer battery life, so we’ll let you do the math!